innonbluehorizon-1000x400Small guesthouses, boutique inns & world class resorts with traditional Caribbean charm make Vieques & Culebra unique destinations!

Vieques & Culebra Hotel Reservations: Puerto Rico's Spanish Virgin Islands

Commonly referred to as one of the ‘Spanish Virgin Islands’, Culebra & Vieques are reached by a ferry from Fajardo on the east coast about 40 minutes from SJU airport. Culebra has pristine beaches, small-town atmosphere, friendly people and a ‘get away from it all’ attitude. Vieques has retained its small-town vibe while becoming one of the favorite vacation destinations for the chic, sophisticated travelers.

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Why Fly? Why not enjoy your vacation as soon as possible? Flying to the “Spanish Virgin Islands” is the fastest way to get to your destination. There are daily flights from San Juan and Ceiba. You could be enjoying a relaxing beach getaway after a 30 minute or 15 minute flight.  Another perspective. View Puerto Rico’s natural beauty from the sky. If you’re traveling from San Juan, you will experience breathtaking views of Old San Juan and the Northern coastline all the way to the Spanish Virgin Islands. From Ceiba, you’ll be amazed at the awe-inspiring shades of turquoise of our sea.  Reliable service. Travel on a scheduled flight or charter a plane for your whole family. It’s a unique and singular experience.  We invite you to discover why We Love To Fly To Culebra And Vieques. Come flying!

Airline Service to Culebra

The easiest way to get to Culebra that maximizes your time on Culebra is to take a short flight on one of our member airlines:

Vieques Air Link:  Isla Grande and Ceiba to Vieques

Air Flamenco WebsiteAir Flamenco Schedules: Isla Grande and Ceiba to Vieques

Airline Service to Vieques

Vieques Air Link: San Juan International and Isla Grande to Vieques

Cape Air: San Juan International to Vieques

Air Flamenco Website or Air Flamenco SchedulesIsla Grande and Ceiba to Vieques

Seaborne Airlines: Isla Grande to Vieques

Ferry Service to Vieques and Culebra

Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling 787-860-2005 with a VISA or Mastercard. All routes and fares are subject to change – please check with your hotel or guest house directly to confirm ferry schedules for your arrival date.

Ferry Schedule to Vieques

Fajardo to Vieques –  9:30am, 1:00pm, 4:30pm and 8:00pm

Vieques to Fajardo – 6:30am, 11:00am, 3:00pm and 6:00pm

Ferry Schedule to Culebra

Fajardo to Culebra – 9:00am (except Wed and Fri), 3:00pm. 7:00pm daily.

Culebra to Fajardo – 6:30am. 1:00pm  (except Wed and Fri). 5:00pm daily.

Click here for the Ferry Schedule from Fajardo to Vieques and Culebra

Blue Horizon Boutique Resort

Vieques Island

Boutique Hotel on a 54 Acre Ocean Front Estate with a one mile Caribbean Coast.


Blue Horizon Boutique Hotel Website

Blue Horizon Boutique Hotel Reservations

Casa de Amistad

Vieques Island

Small seven room guesthouse with personal attention.


Casa de Amistad Website

Casa de Amistad Reservations

Casa La Lanchita

Vieques Island - Bravos de Boston

Beachfront guesthouse with breathtaking views, pristine beauty and white sandy beach.


Casa La Lanchita Website

Casa La Lanchita Reservations

Club Seabourne

Culebra Island

Boutique Hotel & Mini-Resort overlooking the Caribbean.


Club Seabourne Website

Club Seabourne Reservations

Hacienda Tamarindo

Vieques Island

Charming 16 room hillside inn with stunning Caribbean views.


Haciendo Tamarindo Website

Haciendo Tamarindo Reservations

Hector's by the Sea

Vieques Island

Simply the most sublime oceanfront views in Vieques.


Hector's by the Sea Website

Hector's by the Sea Reservations

Hix Island House

Vieques Island

Luxurious rustic Zen-like architectural elegance.


Hix Island House Website

Hix Island House Reservations

Malecón House

Vieques Island

A chic ten room seaside inn just steps to the town of  Esperanza.


Malecón House Website

Malecón House Reservations

Mamacita's Guest House

Culebra Island

Waterside guest house three blocks from the ferry dock and close to all beaches.


Mamacita's Guest House Website

Mamacita's Guest House Reservations

Posada la Hamaca Guest House

Culebra Island

Guest house located 3 minutes from the ferry in downtown Dewey.

787-742 3516

Posada la Hamaca Guest House Website

Posada la Hamaca Guest House Reservations

Tamarindo Estates

Culebra Island

Beach rentals for people who need peace & quiet or want to unwind.


Tamarindo Estates Website

Tamarindo Estates Reservations

Villa Pelicano

Culebra Island

Exclusive water-front Villa on Fulladoza Bay, surrounded by Wild Life Refuge & Beaches.


Villa Pelicano Website

Villa Pelicano Reservations

W Retreat & Spa - Vieques Island

Vieques Island

Secluded, Sophisticated Caribbean Luxury



W Retreat & Spa Website

W Retreat & Spa Offers & Reservations